TRANSCEND Portable CPAP Machine

Transcend is the first portable CPAP device designed completely around user lifestyle to give CPAP users the freedom to sleep anywhere. These small, lightweight portable CPAP devices are about the size of a soda can and have portable battery options the size of a deck of cards for easy packing and toting. It’s portable CPAP therapy that’s ready for anything.

At home or on-the-go, Transcend provides the sleep apnea therapy you need.

Business Travel – Compact and lightweight, Transcend sleep therapy devices are FAA approved for all major airlines and fit in carry-on bags (laptop bag, briefcase or overnight bag; no extra bags needed):
Small & lightweight
Often hard to find power outlets in hotel rooms or don’t have proper adaptor
Battery options
Multi-plug power supply

Outdoor – Go anywhere under the stars and off the grid with Transcend’s portable power options:

Stay as long as you like (Solar battery charger)

No need to buy multiple batteries for multiple nights off the grid

The batteries also provide backup power for the CPAP during power outages, which makes

Transcend very attractive to those who live in storm-prone regions or areas that experience

frequent power outages. The Transcend Portable Solar Charger™ uses sunlight to recharge

Transcend batteries for campers, boaters, hikers and over-the-road truckers or motorcyclists

that may have limited access to electrical power.

Two portable battery options are available: The P4 Overnight Battery System™ provides

Approximately one night of therapy and the P8 Multi-Night Battery System™ provides

Approximately two nights of therapy before needing recharge. Both battery options are

rechargeable with AC power supply, the DC Mobile Power Adaptor or the Transcend Portable

Solar Charger. The Transcend Sleep Apnea Therapy Starter System™ includes the Transcend CPAP, a standard six-foot CPAP hose that is compatible with any mask, universal AC power supply, travel bag and user guides. Transcend can then be customized to include portable

power options and more. All of this easily fits into the small travel bag that can be packed and stored in carry-on luggage.

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