The HoZer, sleep better tonight. 

This is simply a fabulous product. Have you found yourself unable to turn comfortably during the night, because your tubing doesn’t move with you? The HoZer is the answer. It is a very simple product, which keeps the CPAP tubing elevated above the body, allowing for freedom of movement.

The HoZer takes up very little space. It is easily assembled and disassembled. The V-shaped base slides under the mattress, and has a thin extension arm with clamps that gently holds the tubing. With the swivel connection attached to the CPAP mask, and the tubing attached to The HoZer, you can move in any direction with no tugging or pulling, and no interrupted sleep.  And that means greater quality sleep!!

Compliance with CPAP therapy from the get go can be difficult, at best. Becoming compliant with your CPAP therapy can also be the best thing that you can do for yourself, and your loved ones!

The HoZer is a simple tool. It almost guarantees compliance with CPAP therapy because it is so easy to use.

I personally do not use CPAP therapy, but my husband has used a CPAP machine for 20+ years!!  Being in the industry, we are both familiar with all of the products available, and The HoZer is a “no brainer”.  My husband’s comfort in bed while using his CPAP machine, has definitely had a positive effect on my quality of sleep. I would recommend The HoZer to any CPAP user.

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