CPAP Rainout

Humidification is essential for PAP compliance and comfort. Attaching an in-line humidifier to your CPAP machine provides humidity to the inhaled air, minimizing dryness of the mouth and nasal passages. Although use of a humidifier can provide tremendous relief from dryness, it can also result in a condition referred to as “rainout”.

Rainout occurs when the warm air leaving the PAP machine’s humidifier is cooled, as it advances through the tubing to the attached mask. This condensation can accumulate over time creating a gurgling noise in the tubing and a spilling over of the water onto the face. Needless to say this is an uncomfortable situation, and usually wakes the user, preventing a quality night’s sleep.

Rainout usually occurs to a greater degree during the cooler months of the year, when room temperatures decrease.

Although rainout can be a real nuisance, humidification is a very beneficial aspect of your overall PAP therapy. There are a couple things you can do to minimize rainout or eliminate it altogether.

Solutions for Rainout

Using a heated tube with the humidifier maintains a constant air temperature throughout the tube until the air reaches the mask. A heated tube can be added to most PAP models. Latest model PAP devices offer the heated tube feature.

If you do not have a heated tube, or don’t want to add one, you can use a tubing wrap. The wrap helps to keep the air in the tubing warm, and is effective in reducing condensation and resulting rainout.

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